About Havenwood LLC


The shape of a landscape comes from many voices. Not only is it the voice of the designer, it is the voice of the client. This represents the client's needs and aspirations. How will they use their garden? What would they like to see or not see? What are their hopes and dreams? Concerns?

Next is the voice of our communities. What are the laws which govern what we can and cannot do?

Finally, the strongest of all, is the voice of Nature. What do the plants, earth, and stone tell us? What secrets does the earth hold? Is the land rich in ledge and stone? Silt, sand and clay? Water? Wind? Sun? All these elements affect your landscape.

It is the duty of the Landscape Architect to not only listen but, hear and honor these voices with the goal of achieving a balance which leads to the creation of your own personal haven, your garden.

Alan R. Ahlstrom, RLA, CH (Owner/Principal)

Alan is a licensed Landscape Architect, registered with the national Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Board - CLARB. He is a Certified Horticulturist and Certified Coastal Invasive Plants Manager. In addition, he is a member of the American Society of Landscape Artchitects - ASLA, a Past President and Secretary for the Executive Committee of the Rhode Island chapter and a member of the Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association. He has accumulated more than twenty years of experience designing and managing residential, commercial and institutional projects of various sizes. Geographically, his work has taken him all over New England, south to Washington, D.C., west to North Dakota, and east to Europe - specifically Sweden and Spain.

Alan's diverse background in Engineering, Theatrical Scenic and Lighting Design, Photography and Art lends itself to a well-rounded approach to design and an attention to composition and detail. Alan has expertise in Japanese and European garden design. His specialties include naturalized garden design, boulder arrangement, stonework and water gardens. Further, through years of having worked in a design/build environment, he developed a solid understanding of the construction process, which successfully facilitates the building of projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. Alan feels his greatest achievement is his clients' contentment.

Elaine M. Grant (Owner/Business Manager)

"I hear more and more from clients about their need to have an oasis. Whether it is for their residential outdoor space, office atrium, institutional courtyard, or hospital healing garden, people need a reprieve; to feel peace; at one with nature. They need their haven."

Elaine brings to Havenwood LLC over 10 years of management experience in the construction and landscape design/build industries. Working for numerous multi-million dollar design/build firms, her responsibilities have included all aspects of business management including finance, human resources, marketing, and administration. Her knowledge, skills, and integrity assure Havenwood clients of a smooth and pleasurable process throughout their landscape project.

  "A garden is an extension of ourselves. It is the place where we feel comfort and joy, where we feel the beauty the earth provides."
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